Mary Cosby Moore - Perry County Circuit Clerk

Welcome to the website of the Perry County Circuit Clerk’s Office. Here you will find a wealth of information to assist in your dealings with Civil and District Court. In addition to general information about the operation of the Clerk’s offices, you will find frequently used forms, fee schedules and information. We also provide answers to a number of frequently asked questions and links to other web sites of interest.

In Perry County, the Circuit Court Clerk is charged with the responsibility of maintaining not only the records of the seven courts but also is the Absentee Election Manager. Among the types of cases heard by the Courts are contract disputes, civil torts, condemnations, worker’s compensation claims, domestic matters, child support matters, juvenile and criminal matters all under the purview of the Circuit Clerk.

The mission of the Circuit Clerk’s Office is to diligently and professionally serve the needs of the citizens of Perry County, Alabama, the Courts and the legal community.

Mary Cosby Moore is the Circuit Clerk for Perry County, Alabama. She is truly a public servant and has served as the Circuit Clerk of Perry County since 1989. Her compassion and love of family and community propels her to always seek opportunities where she can serve her community. She is married to Marcus Childs Moore and they have two children, Marc and Nekia.